Order and Payment

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. and Selamat Sejahtera.

In this section, we will give you the instructions on how to order products promoted in our Online-Shopping website and how to do the payment. Please follow the instruction given step-by-step carefully.


[STEP 1]

Please send us an email ( meranmuvies@rocketmail.com ) contains the following information in the following format/order:

1. Full Name (CAPS LOCK)
2. Full Address (CAPS LOCK)
3. Telephone Number
4. Product Code

[STEP 2]

Once we received your order via email, we will reply back with your full information and orders for confirmation.

Please do not pay the money yet if you haven’t received any order confirmation email from us. This is a safety measure our company take to make sure you are buying the right thing as we will not return/refund the product if you appear to make any mistake.


[STEP 3]

Once we have sent you the confirmation email, please re-confirm back what you have order. If it appears that there are mistakes, please inform us back with a reply-email.

If there are no mistakes in the confirmation email, kindly proceed to the payment process via (1) money transfer, (2) cash deposit and (3) internet banking such as CIMB Click. Please transfer the money to this account:

CIMB BANK: 13020139498528


[STEP 4]

Once you have made the payment, please capture/scan the payment receipt using your camera, mobile phone or computer scanner. For the internet banking method, please printscreen the payment invoice.

Once you have capture/scan/printscreen your receipt, please attach it in an email and send it to our email ( meranmuvies@rocketmail.com ) for evidence purpose.

Once we received your receipt attachment, we will make the ship the product to your immediately.


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